National health care discount inc. is fraudulent

Richardson, Texas 0 comments

This company is drafting my bank account twice a month with a supposedly authorized signature. i cancelled with them in 2003 and they are still ripping me off!!!!

I want to know if anyone else in Texas is having the same problem. If so please contact The Attorney General.

I just contacted them again and recancelled. I can not understand why they profess to want to help people get affordable dental insurance and then turn around and rip them off in this fashion.

I also advised my bank to not draft any more of their so called authorized drafts. My bank is going to contact the local fraud office on my behalf.

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National Health Care Discount - NHCD - National Rackateers!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1 comment
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Someone - or several - people need to come together with their states' attorney generals and file rackateering charges against this company.They purport to provide a discount to eye wear and dental.

After reseraching, the prices for dental are inflated before the discount. We found that if we asked for pricing before telling a DR that we had this "discount" program, the prices were lower than they were if we told them we had the discount program. This is a very bad bad bad scam. And the NHCD company has multi-billed my checking account month after month.

After faxing them cease and desist letters, they now bill me THREE TIMES a month. My bank is getting involved because of what is written on the face of their "authorized" bank drafts and we will be working with the attorney general in Pennsylvania and Missouri (this company is head quartered in Kansas City) to try to bring this racket to an end. If you have been harmed by this company, help stop them.

If you are an attorney reading this - think class action lawsuit!!!!

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Mooers, New York, United States #5501

This issue has been raised by the Texas Dept.of Insurance.

Your state is apparently behind.Discount cards such as these are scams 99% of the time.

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